Li Frenchies

Hi Regina and Dee,

We could not be happier with our puppy from LI Frenchies! Our experience with you was excellent from start to finish. We particularly appreciate you being just a phone call or a text away when we had questions in the beginning.

Biggie is social, affectionate, smart and brave. At 3 months, he already knows "sit" and "paw", and loves to wear his cute little outfits because they get him so much attention when we walk. He eats with great appetite, and will do anything for a treat - especially green apple or peanut butter.

We look forward to keeping you updated as he grows, and maybe stop in for a visit next time we're out there.

Wishing you and your lovely family all the best,

Irene & Justin

Hi Regina!

Robert and I just wanted to contact you to thank you for our furry little bundle of joy. We've named him Neville, and he is an absolute joy. Puppy-hood is hard work but he has been so worth it! Neville is doing beautifully with potty training, he's met some of his "doggy cousins" (and did wonderfully playing and getting to know them), and has even learned to Sit and Lay Down.

He is such a well adjusted, socialized, and lovingly nurtured puppy. The effort you've made
with him before we brought him home is so evident. We both feel so happy and blessed to
have found you, and found our new family member. We can't imagine life without him!

Regina, if you should ever need a reference or have future customers wanting to connect
with past owners, we are confident that we can assure anyone that you are an ideal
breeder to work with. Please, tell anyone they contact us with questions. And we hope to contact you in the future, maybe for a companion for Neville!

I've attached a few pictures to enjoy!
Happy Holidays to you and your family,

Robert, Kaitlyn, and Neville Opsitnick


Dear Regina,

My husband and I just want to tell you how much we are enjoying Rufus (we did re-name him Tank). He is absolutely adorable and very smart. Potty training was so much easier than we expected and he has never cried at bedtime � not even on the first night with us. We use a doggy playpen at night with a nice warm doggy bed and he loves it. He is doing great and understands many commands. We are so grateful to you and your family and we would recommend you to anyone who is looking for an adorable Frenchie from a wonderful and
caring breeder.

My husband is home with Tank all day so I am jealous. Can't wait to get home from work
to see him! We will send pictures!

Warmest regards
Ann & Tony

Hi Regina,

I just wanted to check in and let you know that our little man Horatio is doing very well! He
and Winston are getting along well (although I think Horatio is wearing him out a bit!). Horatio has been eating and his stools are relatively well formed (for a puppy, anyway!). He was very inquisitive and attentive from the moment we brought him inside. He did cry quite a lot when we put him in his pen yesterday, but the crying time is getting shorter each time. He also
slept quite a lot last night, only waking up once in 8 hours.

Both my husband and I want to thank you for all of the information and support you have already provided. We couldn't have been more impressed with your dedication to your dogs, and we are so very happy to have gotten such a wonderful dog from you.

I'll keep you updated on Horatio's progress. I am off work for the next 8 days or so, so we've got plenty of time to focus on settling him in. I've attached a photo from yesterday
afternoon's nap, and you can also see some more photos of the two dogs meeting here:

Thanks again, and we'll be in touch soon.



I feel so blessed to have found your website after searching for months for a breeder in CT, MA, NY and RI. I called multiple breeders, some didn't even call back or they were very expensive. When I called you I was pleastantly surprised that you answered the phone and took the time to talk to me, unlike some breeders I called. From day one to the day we
picked up Chalupa, you were always available to answer my questions. I can't thank you enough.

On to the best part. Chalupa Batman is my best friend and the best dog ever. He has the best temperment, everywhere we go people stop us. My vet's office is so in love with him. He has adapted well and is almost fully housebroken. I took your advice and closed the door to the kennel at night and didn't hear a peep out of him. From day one, we haven't heard a peep out of him at night. At his last vet visit, two weeks ago, he was 12 weeks old and 11 pounds.
I wish he could stay this small. He is such a cuddle bug. He likes to sit on the dishwasher door when it's open and loves to sit on the heat vents. I guess he's a little spoiled. Training is going well, he does sit, stay and down, he even waits for his food. We will be starting his offfical puppy classes this weekend.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason and him being born on my dad's birthday really means a lot to me. It's as if my dad sent him to me, especially after the last dog we
had that stressed us out by being so anxious.

I can't thank you enough for breeding the best Frenchies ever. Thanks again.

Grace and Bill Martin

Hi Regina,

We hope all is well with you! Just thought we'd give you a long overdue
check-in about our adorable Marcel. He's now just about 6 months old and
doing great! He's healty and a big guy - already almost 29 pounds, so we're
in for a big Frenchie! He's playful and loves to snuggle and definitely loyal
to his mom and dad. He gets along great with other dogs and loves to go on
hikes. I included a couple of pictures from our wedding in early September,
where Marcel made an appearance. Its crazy for us to see these now because
he's gotten so much bigger since then!

Thanks again for everything and for connecting us with our perfect puppy!

All the best,
Cassandra & Luc

P.S. If you're on Instagram, you can follow him at @lefrenchiemarcel for more pictures!

Hi Regina,

We wanted to send you some pictures of our adorable frenchies and to let you
know how they are doing.

Belle is doing wonderfully and has become the ultimate canine companion to our
family. Her playful nature and limitless antics enrich our lives, and those of
our neighbors and friends, on a daily basis. She is endlessly patient with
children and is always eager to greet them and look after their well being. As
you know, the cute factor is mind numbing.

We so enjoy Belle that we decided that we needed to get a companion for her. We
recently took Charlie home and Belle and Charlie have become inseparable. Belle
is such a wonderful "big sister". She has taken Charlie under her wing and is
showing him the ropes. Every day, they remind us that we made the right decision
in taking these beautiful dogs into our home.

Thank you so much!


Hello Regina,

I writing to you to let you know that Bella is great and is doing fine! The
transition to our home went quite well. We actually thought the first night was
going to be the toughest but Bella proved us wrong. Her levels of stress and
anxiety were non-existent. She was jumping and running around almost instantly.
We take her everywhere we go and get so many complements about her temperament
and great looks!

Just like you said, Bella is just a sweet heart and a big cuddlier! She enjoys
playing with my son and follows him around everywhere! Thank you so much for
your hospitality and your warm welcome when we came to pick up Bella. As a
breeder you went way beyond our expectations, your puppies are a prime example
of your pride and love you have for the breed.

Please keep us in mind the next time you have a litter with a male fawn!

Once again thank you, we couldn't ask for a better pup!

All the best,
Jaime Adams

Hi Regina!!

So sorry for my delayed response I have been in puppy land all day with her!! She is
such a good girl!! She only woke up one time last night to go out and is loving her new
home! The dogs are getting used to the idea of a new puppy and we are being very careful
because she is so small. Boy she is FEARLESS!! Not afraid at ALL of my French mastiff who
weighs 100 pounds (:

She plays a lot and is getting used to the play pen (: she has been GREAT with doing her "business"
on the wee wee pad and outside! She actually whined today when she had to poop!

I will send you a picture shortly of her snuggling with me today (: you are right about her,
she loves to be connected to her family

Thank you so much we couldn't be happier (:

Hi Regina,

We wanted to share some photos of our baby's FIRST birthday party. We can't
believe it's already been a year since we got the email from you saying he was
born. We have been enjoying him so much and he is completely spoiled rotten
here! Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful part of our family!
Dylan & Nicole
(Bomber too!)


Thank you Regina for your quick response and for everything. It has been an absolute
pleasure dealing with you. Me and my family cannot explain how truly lucky we
are to have found you and for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family.
When people ask us were we got Brady, we tell them from and wonderful breeder
Long Island Frenchies. We cannot rave enough about what a warm, caring person
you are, and how much you truly love each and everyone of your puppies
(not a puppy factory for sure).

Thanks again for the information and I will be in touch and forward more
pictures of our Brady boy!!


Hi Regina,

Nicole and I wanted to send you an update and some photos of Jackson. He's 7 1/2 months
old now and doing great. He's very smart and social - a lot of our neighbors are dog owners,
and he's got his own pack of friends that he walks and plays with every day. Jackson's
very active for a french bulldog - he loves going to the dog park and getting other dogs to
chase him around, and he keeps surprising us with how high he can jump.

We still take him to Dr. Halpern, who runs a great office. Jackson's gotten a clean bill
of health at every visit.

Thanks again for raising such great dogs. We could not have asked for a better companion
than Jackson!

Nicole & Tom Harrison


Hi Regina,

It's Anne and Jaimie from Manhattan. We just wanted to let you know that Roxie
is thriving and bringing so much joy to our lives. She is now 16 weeks
old and a healthy 10 pounds! She loves meeting new people and playing
with other dogs. She comes when called, sits and stays on command and
LOVES to cuddle. We're so grateful to have met you. Looking forward
to what the future has in store for our little family.

Anne and Jaimie

Hi Regina - It's Rosalie and Al from Seaford writing to let you know how much
we love, love, love our "Grigzy" and how blessed we feel to have found Long Island Frenchies.
Grigzy just turned nine months old. His personality is so precious and loving, and
no matter who sees him, they always say he's the most beautiful Frenchie, and has the
sweetest face they've ever seen, but then again, ALL your puppies are beautiful.

Thank you for always being there and promptly responding each and every time we've had
a question for you. As new parents, we wanted to make sure we were doing everything right!!

Again, we're so in love and so grateful, and would recommend you to anyone interested in
this very, very precious, special breed.

We'll stay in touch.

Hi Regina,
Just wanted to let you know that little zoey is doing wonderful! She's getting bigger every day! We have had her for just over a month and she's really developing the funniest cutest personality!
Thanks for the best baby ever!
Kayla Berger

Dear Regina,

Lindsay, Utley and I are all incredibly grateful for you and LI Frenchies. When our little guy contracted a bug after coming home, you showed the utmost care and commitment by driving into the city to take him to the vet. Utley is 15 weeks old, loves playing with tennis balls, sleeping with his sock monkey and is eating like a piggy! We are so happy to have met you
and would recommend you to anyone interested in the most loved and looked after
Frenchies in the world! Regards,
Lindsay, Utley and Max
New York, NY


Dear Regina,

On behalf of Dom & myself, we wanted to write you an e-mail to update you on our little
Myles. He is an absolute joy and we can't thank you enough for giving us the greatest gift
of all. Myles is now 15 weeks old and he looks bigger and bigger to us everyday! He has the most handsome face and sure is a head turner. One of the best things about Myles which we absolutely adore is how sweet and mushy he is, especially towards our little cousins.
Thank you for not only giving us the best puppy we can imagine, but for keeping contact with us and helping us with any questions we have had along the way.


Hi Regina,

We are so happy with our boy Baron. He has made our family so happy. Baron is now 1 year
9 months old and the best puppy ever. He has a wonderful, loving, playful personality! I remember spending months looking for the right breeder. You and your family was so warm & welcoming. Thank you so much for our little boy!

Love, Jennifer, Robert & Baron

Hi Regina,

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new little one. I fell in love with her
from her photo online, but had some concerns over purchasing a puppy over the internet and from so far away. From my first conversation with you it was obvious that you are a caring breeder of quality French Bulldogs. Your willingness to provide references as well as
send me a "just for me" picture of Arabella made the prospect of buying her from such a distance much easier. Everything went according to plan and very smoothly. Since she
would be traveling all the way to Tucson, AZ requiring around 9 hours of air travel time I
spent most of that day worrying about her. I was delighted when she arrived in Tucson
looking healthy, happy, and none the worse for wear. She adapted to our household pretty much immediately and is doing wonderfully. As promised, her paperwork arrived promptly
and when expected. Her microchip has been registered and your copies are on their way
back to you.

Thank you so much for our new addition and doing what you do. By the way, her new name is Zoey. Please feel free to use me as a reference, for the quality of your puppies, being reliable and easy to deal with, and for the safe, successful air shipment of such precious cargo. That first short video that I sent you was taken within an hour of our getting home from the airport showing just how well she was doing.

Debra Gitlin

Hi Regina,

Just updating you on our little Archie! We couldn't be happier with our new addition and we're enjoying every day with him. He's so sweet and affectionate and such a quick learner.. Thank you for making our first puppy process an easy one! You have given us such valuable advice and it's great to know that you are available to us whenever we need you! We'll send more updates as he keeps growing!

Thanks Again,

Scott & Abbey Loechner


Hello, How are you! Sorry we have dropped off the place of the earth but it has been a very crazy busy few months. We just wanted to let you know that Olive is a dream. She is the sweetest baby we could have ever hoped for. We just started her with a trainer and are happy to report that on command she can sit, lay down, leave it and come! We are still working on potty training but she loves to pee inside :).

She is beautful and amazing and we love her! I think we have referred you to
about 20 people!

Here are some pictures we had taken of us about a month and a half ago professionally,
and a few more just for fun!

Thank you again. Hope you are doing well! Here is Olive, formally known as Peanut,
Jessica Fusco

Regina thank you so much for helping us bring home our baby girl Maci. She is
so well trained so far and everyone at home loves her so much. You are an
amazing breeder and your home was immaculate and all your puppies were so well
taken care of that it was hard to just bring only one home. Will definitely
send you more pictures as she grows.

Star Hodelin

Hi Regina,

I just want to update you on Sebastian and Reese. They are the best!! When Diana got
Delilah and I saw what a great puppy she was and I had to have one but somehow got two,
we are all addicted now my son got a baby from you I must say my vet compliments you all the time on what stellar puppies you breed and recommends you as well, they are loved an socialized before they go into their permanent families by you, and are so well bred that they have no complications and are so smart. We have so much fun with them as a family and anyone who sees them wants to take them home I enjoy them and thank you for all your
help when we call you to ask a million questions.

Marlene and Pat McCabe.


We love her and and everything
is going great. She has a lot of energy!!!

She always wants to play. I will
give you a call after the Holidays.
It is just so busy now.

Enjoy your holiday!

Kim Cory

Thanks to Regina and her family, I recently welcomed my second French bulldog, Lily, into my home. When I contacted Regina, I immediately became comfortable about purchasing a dog through her. She was so friendly and bubbly on the phone. I explained to her that I had a two year old frenchie, Rosie, and that I was looking for a new addition to my family. She
invited me to come and meet her and her dogs. She also gave me several great tips about picking out a second dog. Regina gave us ample time to sit with all of the puppies and see
how they interacted with my family. We were also introduced to the father of the litter, in addition to her other two adult frenchies. She also allowed us to bring our dog into her home
to make sure that she got along with the puppy. She was so knowledgeable and informative
on how to choose and care for the puppy. I have never met such a caring individual who is so devoted to what she does. All of her dogs are so well behaved, and have amazing temperaments . If you are looking for an affordable and affectionate French bulldog, Regina
is the breeder for you!

The Gelo Family, Rosie and Lily


Hi Regina,

Just wanted to let you know that everything went great at the vet yesterday. We saw Dr. Browning in Sag Harbor and he said that Ranger is perfect and he could not imagine a better Frenchie. Since he got his first set of shots recently, we are going back in two weeks for the rest of them. But I just wanted to let you know everything is going GREAT with him, in fact
last night was the first time he slept through the night without waking up! Below is a picture of Ranger playing with his friend Chief (my very big puggle!) and another of how Ranger spends much of his relaxing time. I'll be sure to keep you updated on him.

Thanks again,

Hayley & Bryan


We are a family of five, we were six until our Pug of 11 years passed away in December. Her passing left us with a empty feeling, but we decided as a family not to get another dog. That lasted about 5 months. We did research and found Long Island Frenchie. We called Regina
on a Friday night, she sent us pictures of puppies and we fell in love. Saturday morning we called Regina and asked if we can come visit her puppies, it took us an hour and a half to get there and it was well worth it. We met her sisters, brothers and parents, saw where they ate, slept and played at Regina's home. We were treated like family. We now have our beautiful addition to our own family, Bella!

Thank you for making our family complete!

The Caro Family
In Yonker, New York


We just wanted to give you a little update about Cooper, he has been such an amazing puppy and companion. For only being almost 12 weeks he is learning so quickly and is so
affectionate. We wanted to thank you for making our experience purchasing cooper so amazing. The love and care you give your dogs is exceptional. As you know my whole family now has 4 french bulldogs from you and we all couldn't be any happier. We all thank you for being the amazing breeder and person that you are. Attached are some pictures of him
and his friends!

Michelle and Ernie



Dear Regina,

I spent months looking at various types of dogs because I recently moved into a new place and I was very excited about getting my first puppy. I did my research and found your website and I am very happy I did. You were very informative and kept me up to date with litter information. When I visited the puppies, it was very hard to choose just one, as I fell in love with them all the second I saw them. Every single puppy was very beautiful. Then one in particular caught my attention, Hugo. He was very lively and energetic, and I remember just looking down at the litter and he gave me this one look. I was totally hooked from there. He is very smart, playful, and isn't afraid of anything, even a boxer with a 75lbs weight advantage. I cannot thank you enough for everything, hugo is absolutely perfect.

Thanks again,